Friday, April 8, 2011

My Thoughts on the Looming Government Shutdown

I am tired of this so called "budget" debate which is leading us to a government shutdown.  Make no mistake, this is NOT in any way, shape, or form about the budget.  If it were about the budget the debate would include raising revenue as well as cutting spending and the spending cuts would come from more than just non-defense discretionary spending which is a very small part of the budget.  Also there would be NO policy riders on this budget if it was truly about the money but republicans are insisting on adding on ideological issues like abortion and the environment.   The democrats have consistently moved towards more and more cuts in the budget.  They are now up to $5 billion MORE cuts than the Republicans had originally wanted.  They have given in on the environment which I think is wrong.  They have even agreed to an abortion rider as long as it does not defund other aspects of women's health.  Every time the democrats agree, the republicans add more demands.  This is about one thing, the failure of Obama.  There is only one party that has been cheering, literally cheering for a government shutdown and that is the republican party.  I used to be a republican, but no more.  The party has become one of hate and I cannot support that. 

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